Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hot Fudge Sundae vs. Baby Carrots

I NEED...a big hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream. 


HOT HOT fudge...none of that cold hot fudge crap.  You know what I'm talking about.  So hot the ice cream gets all melty and deliciously soupy.  Just the way the Z-man hates it.  Quite honestly, I don't really care if he hates it.  More for me.  It'll keep his grubby paws off of my Hot Hot Fudge Sundae. 

Instead of a Hot Hot Fudge Sundae though, I'm sitting here eating baby carrots with Light Ranch Dip.  


So not what I'm craving.  So not a messy, scrumptious Sundae.  So not even CLOSE to a messy, scrumptious Sundae.

Queue sad face.  

It's day 10 for me on Weight Watchers.  I weighed in on Monday (day 7) and I'm down 5 lbs.  Yay me!  Not bad considering we went home to Rhode Island this past weekend and engaged in two days of pure Rhode Island foody bliss.  Foods that I grew up with and love and dream about and miss.  

Coffee Cabinets, Fish and Chips, my Mom's French Toast, my Aunt's chicken wings and her Champagne Punch, REAL pizza....GOOD pizza....the drippy greasy cheesy pepperoni kind you can ONLY get in Rhode Island....wieners and clam-cakes....the list goes on and on. 


Pure, unadulterated, R.I. foody bliss. 

Even with all of that happy food in my reach, I still managed to keep the overeating, overindulging, to a reasonable amount and didn't gorge myself *too* much.  Oh, I wanted to.  Oh.My.God, how I wanted to.  I love to eat.  (Doesn't everyone?  If not, then they are big fat liars or they have something seriously wrong with them and they need to seek help immediately.)  I REALLY love to eat Rhode Island foods.  But.....I love to be skinny more.  Or at least skinnyish.  I'll never be my 120 lb 20 something self again....but I WILL fit into size 10 jeans someday!  Why are you laughing?   I will.  I swear it. 

Of course, while I'm sitting here dreaming of soupy ice cream, and my size 10 jeans,  I'm also thinking about what I'll be making for the big game that's coming up.  You know the one.  The game that involves men running around a big field  wearing really tight tight pants and doing these funny little dances when they spike a brown ball at the end of said big field.  The game that I only watch because my husband makes me, er...I mean because.... I want to see the commercials and the half time show.  (Madonna this year?  REALLY? That's just WRONG)  Of course, I'll be making all the delectable fattening foods that REALLY makes this game worth Chicken Wings and Chili and Jalapeno Dip and Nachos and Pigs and a Blanket and the various chips and desserts and alcoholic beverages.  Along with those heavenly bits and bites, I will be attempting to make things a bit lighter (so I can eat more) and a bit more healthy (because...well....just because).  I recently came across this fun little recipe and I think it looks pretty doable...and I think they might even  I think that even the Men folk might try them. 

Buffalo Wing Turkey Lettuce Wraps. 

Come on. You know they sound kinda good. 



You don't think so?

What's throwing you off? The Turkey part or the lettuce part? Both kinda scare me too. But they look really good and they might just take the place of that deep fried buffalo wing craving. 

Aww, who the hell am I kidding. That's never going to happen....but...we're still going to give it a whirl. 

I got this recipe off this website the I recently found (and cannot wait to read more of).  

I will be adapting this recipe to my own special needs on Game Day.  When I do, I will post my adaption and hopefully a photo or two, and a review of how it turned out.  Keep your toes crossed that everyone will like them!

Here's the recipe in it's original form:

Buffalo Wing Turkey Lettuce Wraps

1 lb lean ground turkey
1/2 cup onion, chopped
3/4 cup carrot shavings 
1 cup celery, chopped
1 head iceberg lettuce, leaves removed to form cups
salt and pepper 

1/2 cup Frank's Red Hot (or your choice of Wing Sauce--use more if you like it saucier)

Bleu cheese crumbles or bleu cheese dressing to drizzle over the top
  Recommended:  Litehouse Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette   You only need a tiny drizzle.

1.  In a large skillet, saute the onions over medium heat until golden (3-4 minutes).   Add ground turkey, season with a dash of salt and pepper, brown meat and cook until cooked through.  Drain any grease if necessary.

2.  Return to pan and stir in Frank's Red Hot or other Wing Sauce.  Reduce heat to low.

3.  Prepare lettuce cups.  Place spoonful of meat into lettuce cup, top with a few carrot shavings and chopped celery.  Drizzle with Litehouse Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette. Wrap and enjoy! 

Here's the picture of these little baby buffalo lettucy wraps that kinda made me think they might be good:

I looks pretty yummy right?  I pinky swear I will let you know how they turn out!


  1. Mommie does not like ground turkey, but I think it sounds delicious!

  2. have you tried these?
    it's buff chicken balls. really good. although I would do almost anything for a hot hot fudge sundae. I am still pretending I like the gym...lifting higher weights but no real weight loss...sigh...
    you can do this!!!

  3. I've seen these little morsels before somewhere....ohhhhh right! I posted them on my blog last year! LOL Great minds think a like!!! Keep up the good work Kathy!! You can do it too!!! xoxo

  4. LOL...must have been where I got them. lol. they are yummy! :)

    because LETTUCE...on SUPER BOWL SUNDAY...are you NUTS!?

  5. sounds delicious....! ps..I'm all about coffee ice cream..maybe it's a southern New England thing...?