Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2012 - Gotta Get My Poop In A Group

As I ponder the upcoming new year, I think about all that I am blessed with.  A beautiful, healthy family, a fabulous, sexy, husband, amazing friends,  a roof over our heads, food on the table and jobs that help us with all of that.

But I have a deep dark confession to make.

Although we might appear to be living comfortably, we struggle.  Every single week we struggle.  We struggle enough that I lie awake many nights, with a sinking feeling in my belly, thinking about how we're going to make ends meet.  I seriously can't do this anymore.  Sleep is very important to me.  Almost more important as my children.  And that sinking feeling?  I hate it.

We make a pretty decent amount of money on a regular basis - thank the higher power you happen to believe in for that.  Sure, I could make more, but I happen to love my job.  It's super easy, convenient and occasionally very entertaining.  My husband rocks a pretty good income too.  It could definitely be better.  I truly believe he doesn't get paid for what he's actually worth....but...he does get paid pretty well and I'm not really complaining about that.  We have a very nice home, albeit it needs repairs and upgrading...but it's big, it's beautiful and it's mine.  We rarely go without.  My children have every stinking toy imaginable.  We have iPhones, and nice TV's, computers, etc.

And yet, we struggle.

I know, I know.


It's all in the priorities.

I understand that it's pretty much my fault.  I want the nicer things in life.  I grew up with a parent that was ALWAYS laid off.  My Mom did everything to make ends meet, and although my parents might have gone without, they made sure I didn't.

Well, there was that one year I was going to absolutely DIE if I didn't get a pair of Nikes.

I didn't get them.

I also didn't die.

I really hate when my Mother is right.

But I only have one life to live, and I really don't want to go without.  See?  My fault.  I justify spending money I don't have and I can't stop.  

So, with all of this said....I am tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul.  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ABOUT IT????  And for the love of God, Who IS Peter and Paul? 

I'm on a mission to stop living Paycheck to Paycheck in the year 2012.

Are you living paycheck to paycheck?  A lot of us are.  See? 

So come on.  Confess.

Did you before and now you're not?  I've been checking out all kinds of websites, and looking for an actual person to sit down and go over my budget and bills with me, but to no avail.  Has anyone used  Or how about PNC Virtual Wallet?  A personal bookkeeper?  A financial consultant?

What do you use?   Tell me.  I need help.  I need ideas.  I need inspiration.  I need encouragement.  I need to get my poop in a group. 

Most of all, I really, really need to hit the lottery. 


  1. I'll share: Bruno and I hired a financial advisor after just "winging" it with our finances for over 15 years. I stopped working 11 years ago to stay home and raise the kids, and it's been tight ever since. The advisor went over every penny coming in and going out, and mapped out a nice, structured budget plan to get control and pay off our debt. I really didn't believe it would work when I first saw it (where are we gonna find the $$ for that?), but holy s**t, it really is working! She did charge a fee to get started, but we agree that it's definitely money well spent!

  2. How did you find her Krista? Did you know someone who knew her, or did you pick her out of the phone book? I'm excited to hear a financial planner works! I'd love to try one...I thought they were more for retirement planning and such

  3. Misha, I know exactly where you are coming from with this!! Before I injured my shoulder and returned to school, I made damn good money, but was always struggling because I liked my goodies. During my recovery from aforementioned injury, I was on worker's comp, getting 60% of my pay with 100% of the same bills - for 15 months! During this time, I drained my savings; but I also learned what I needed to live; what I needed to be happy; and what I just wanted to keep me entertained.

    I added up all of my monthly bills, and discovered that only 50% of my pre-worker's-comp pay was eaten up by necessary expenses. Which meant that even on worker's comp, I still had 10% a month left over for me; and some valuable insight as to what I needed in life.

    You do not need to pay someone to tell you all of this - you just need to sit down and be painfully honest with your spending habits. Having lived on both sides, I find that I enjoy my life more now and appreciate the extras a lot more than I once did.

    Now, all you need is for your blog to go viral and cash in on that!

  4. Isn't this the truth! Can't wait to see what people have to say. I need to buckle down too. I know I overspend and I can't even say it's on the finer things! LOL

    My motto for 2012 is cut the waste/waist. Both need some serious work!

  5. This is HUBBY....finding the means to justify the end. Never forget there is always an employer that under values their employees. On that same token there is another waiting to steal them away. Problem is, more you make the more you spend. The American way is never to save, but to actually spend. Hence the issue banks created few years back. Sometime it is as easy as cutting back on shopping at super market...not buy what you need, but what you will actually eat and not end up throwing away. Plus everyone one worries around New Year because of the money spend on Christmas. So, close you eyes and go to sleep and stop worrying about things that may not happen or win something we may never win. Be happy with what we have, because it is more then what we had 8 years ago. So pretty lady close your eyes and go sleep, because each day brings a whole new set of problems and we will get through them...XOXO John

    PS - we keep looking for some better ideas

  6. budgets are my friend! they need to be constantly played with though cause things comes up due to the little people... It's hard and Bob and I are in the same boat...try a "nothing new, grocery shop with cash" policy for 2 months and see what happens. It's an eye opener for sure!

  7. Great blog Marcia!! We used to be paycheck to paycheck and can finally breathe but I do love to spend which may end up getting us in trouble...hence the no house thing. But my motto in life (at this moment) is that if one of us die tomorrow I want to know we enjoyed today. Life is so damn short and you never know what lerks behind each turn but I agree with John (for once)close your eyes and go to sleep. Tomorrow is a new day and you have so much to be thankful for...beautiful girls, an awesome house, a job and an alright husband!!! Most importantly so many friends that adore you!!!